Monday, November 23, 2009

Women Masters Track races each Friday night of track season.

Hello women Masters Track enthusiasts,

I am canvassing interest in running some Women's only track races during the track season this year.

I would envisage starting off with one race perhaps on Friday the 4th of December. You could then join in the other grade races if you wish. If we can get 8 plus riders each week we will ask for more than one race.

The idea is that we have fun "Safe" races, while being non intimidating for all. It would be a diverse age range and abilities, starting with straight scratch races or even a motorpace (where all riders should be able to stay in the race till the motorbike pulls off)

You would need to be a member of the Australian Cycling Federation( WACF club affiliated) for 2009 with a renewed licence by the 1st January for 2110.

The Track Cycling Committee are happy to accommodate us as long as we can commit to 8 starters for each race. What I need is for you to tell me the exact dates that you can ride. The commitment to dates is essential if this is going to be a success. It may also help us run State Track titles for women masters in the new year.

Please go into the WACF website and look up the Track calendar race nights(which are usually Fri) and email me dates that you can commit too.

This is a big step for us so I hope you will consider helping us to make a success of this.

My phone number is 93641021. Or you can talk to people like Bob Barnes, Amanda Oconnor, Lorraine, Sherie Bonasera, Murray Hall, or Brian Taylor for advise about racing.

Go on give it a try. There will be three of us who are 60plus and we are still racing, so you can certainly do it.

Hope to get your emails or phone calls

Fran Watson

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Lorraine said...

For anyone hiding under a mushroom, the Women from WA did very well at the Masters World Track Championships back in October, bringing home a number of gold, silver and bronze medals.

What Fran is proposing is the ideal way to start racing on the Track and can lead on to bigger and better things - and a chance to see the world! The next Masters World Track championships are to be held in Portugal.