Saturday, September 13, 2008


Things may have been a bit quiet lately on the site, but I can assure you I have been busy on my bike! Having come back from the World Masters Road Championships in Austria, I am now gearing up for the World Masters Track Championships in Sydney 14-19th October.

The summer Track season starts in October, which means the Track will be busy most Friday/Saturday nights, thus any women's nights are more or less in limbo until early next year when things quieten down - but come and watch some racing!!!. Anyone wanting to ride though, can certainly come down Tuesday evening as we always have newcomers and we will look after you.

A few will know, but many may not be aware that Beck Armstrong has 'hung up her wheels' and taken early retirement! Beck started off this site and I am sure will continue to take an interest. However, when not actively riding you are not always aware of what is happening, thus if anyone has news that they want added, please let me know. We wish Beck well and hopefully will see her back racing one day :-)