Saturday, December 27, 2008

2009 Riding / Racing

A number of people have shown an interest in racing after coming across this site, so I'll attempt to provide some information of what is coming up.

Summer is the criterium season, with the races being from 20mins to 40mins in length depending on the grade. These are run by the various Clubs and you can just nominate on the morning. Melville-Fremantle ( ) have theirs in the Kardinya area while Northern Districts ( run some in Wangara and Osborne Park. The next one is January 4th at the Wangara circuit - check the NDCC web site for more details. To ride these you must either have a Cycling Australia licence, or take out a day licence.

If you want to see some good fast racing, the Perth Criteriums held over the January long weekend are well worth watching - Joondalup, Leederville, Victoria Park and Perth Esplanade - keep an eye on the paper or check the Tri Events website as they are organising these.

If criteriums don't appeal, there are plenty of Time Trials on, simply check - distances vary, with the average being 40km. You can nominate from the link on the calendar.

Longer road events start again in March.


Anyone is welcome to join in on Tuesday evenings 6:30 - 8:30pm - 'Old Star's night'! Don't let the name put you off, as the ages range from very young to very old. All new comers are looked after and groups are given equal time on the Track. This is a mixed session, but once the Track racing season has finished, approx end March, then Women only sessions will be run when the Track is available. Tuesday evenings generally consists of a 'warmup' in a pace line either behind the motor bike or simply a string of riders, and then broken into grades later so that each group will get a mini race of some sort. Tuesday is about teaching skills to ride on the Track,and becoming familiar with the types of racing so you can then progress to racing on Friday nights.

Hopefully this helps, but if you require any further information feel free to use the email address on this web site or you may contact me

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Track Session

If anyone is interested for this Sunday - Dec 7th Bob has the Track from 2-4pm, but please email him if you wish to attend ( . Unfortunately the January session is off,(the previous post) as the Track will now be closed until January 5th.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Next Track Night

There have been a few queries about the next Women's Track night. There is a 'one off' Women's night January 3rd, 2009 6-8pm, as trying to get Track time is almost impossible. All are welcome.

Congratulations to Bob Barnes, Cycling WA Volunteer of the Year award. Bob is at the Track most nights during the week and has also been taking the TID group on a Sunday morning for the past month or so

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Things may have been a bit quiet lately on the site, but I can assure you I have been busy on my bike! Having come back from the World Masters Road Championships in Austria, I am now gearing up for the World Masters Track Championships in Sydney 14-19th October.

The summer Track season starts in October, which means the Track will be busy most Friday/Saturday nights, thus any women's nights are more or less in limbo until early next year when things quieten down - but come and watch some racing!!!. Anyone wanting to ride though, can certainly come down Tuesday evening as we always have newcomers and we will look after you.

A few will know, but many may not be aware that Beck Armstrong has 'hung up her wheels' and taken early retirement! Beck started off this site and I am sure will continue to take an interest. However, when not actively riding you are not always aware of what is happening, thus if anyone has news that they want added, please let me know. We wish Beck well and hopefully will see her back racing one day :-)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Women's Track nights

The Women's Track nights will be 'few and far' between shortly, so make the most of the remaining sessions! It is on tonight and next week - 22nd, but Track racing is on Aug 29th - so come and watch if you are not quite ready to race!. Bob has a couple more sessions in September, but racing is on again Sept 26th and then the summer season starts when it is very difficult to get any time as racing is nearly every week and also the State Championships will be on later. Keep an eye on the web site to see if we can squeeze the odd session in, but no promises unfortunately! Lorraine

Friday, July 11, 2008

Women's Track nights

The Women's Track nights will continue indefinitely except when there is Track racing on a Friday night( eg Aug 1st) . Everyone is welcome! If you have never ridden on the Track but would like to come and have a go, come down on a Friday night with your shoes/helmet and pedals.
From 6pm till 8pm. Track riding is a good way to improve your bike handling skills and leg speed and maintain your fitness over winter.
Please email if you are coming or want more info Bob Barnes phone 08 93377423 mobile 0419901066 or Lorraine mob: 0419 968468

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Women’s Track Nights

The next series of ladies track riding nights start on Friday June 20th 6pm till 8pm all new comers more than welcome. Please email if you are coming or want more info
Bob Barnes phone 08 93377423 mobile 0419901066

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

PIHC Cycling Course starting Tuesday 24 June

Course Outline
PIHC Cycling Group Hotel will undergo specific clinical and professional supervision and guidance for a period of 10 weeks, at a twice a week frequency.

Of the two sessions per week, the majority will comprise of cycling within the group for a duration of 1 hour, with the start and end point being the Perth Integrated Health Clinic @ 41 Havelock Street, West Perth

The level of difficulty will increase on a graded basis as members of the group develop in their health and wellness as well as fitness levels.

The two days that are suggested at this stage, subject to group consensus at the day of briefing, are:
Tuesday mornings – 6.30am to 7.30am
Thursday evenings – 5.30pm to 6.30pm

Synopsis of Course
Preparation: x1 Health Assessment
Week 1: x1 Group Induction and x1 session of Cycling
Week 2: x2 sessions of cycling
Week 3: x1 session of cycling & x1 session on nutrition for cycling
Week 4: x2 sessions of cycling
Week 5: x1 session cycling & x1 session on cycling performance enhancement
Week 6: x2 sessions of cycling
Week 7: x1 session cycling & x1 session on postural care
Week 8: x2 sessions of cycling
Week 9: x1 session of cycling & x1 session on feet care for cycling
Week 10: x2 sessions of cycling & graduation

For more info

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tour de Perth Coordination Committee- Get Involved

The Tour de Perth is the premier road cycling event in WA and has great potential to showcase the Perth region and to develop into a prestigious event taking advantage of the enormous growth in the popularity of the sport of cycling in WA. Following this year’s event Cycling WA invited event participants to a feedback session to discuss the positives and how the event could be improved in future years.

Approximately 10 event participants, including Ken Lloyd (event organiser), Dean Emslie (Board member), Henk Vogels (Life member) and Chris Thompson (Cycling WA CEO) attended. The session discussed the vision for the TdP, and the positives and opportunities for improvement. Overall it was a positive and useful session, with agreement of the need to Cycling WA to better oversee the event.

Following the session, the board of Cycling WA endorsed a proposal to appoint a TdP Coordination Committee. The TdP Coordination Committee will have its first meeting at 6pm on Tuesday, 10 June 2008 at the Department of Sport and Recreation (246 Vincent Street, Leederville).

Cycling WA is seeking expressions of interest from interested persons to join the TdP Coordination Committee. This is an opportunity to be involved in the future of the event.

To assist with catering, interested persons are asked to contact Cycling WA by no later than 6 June 2008.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Women's Track Development Series

Friday May 30th - Another night for Women on the Track - 6-8pm. $15 for the session. If you haven't been before, you are more than welcome to attend - bring helmet, shoes and pedals


Bob Barnes and myself are running a 3 week Track course for Women on Friday 9th, 16th and 23rd May. 6-8pm .Cost is $45 for the 3 sessions which includes bike hire. Bring helmet and shoes and plenty of clothes as the Speed dome can be cold. Come and Try - the track is a good way to keep fit over winter without getting wet!
Meant to say, bring pedals and helmet and hopefully you will bring your shoes as well!!!

The first session was attended by about 10 women and several are already 'hooked' . If you couldn't come last Friday you are more than welcome this week! If you have any questions or queries don't hesitate to drop a line.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Perth Integrated Health Clinic

Perth Integrated Health Clinic (PIHC) is involved in cycling from two different aspects 1) treat neuro-muscular conditions in cyclists and 2) run a cycling course:

neuro-muscular conditions in cyclists
  • PIHC is involved in the neuro-muscular treatment and biomechanical preparation of cyclists. We have treated many cyclists both in our clinic and on-site at various cycling events
  • Treatment might be provided for such issues as joint injuries, low back pain, neck pain, knee problems, feet problems, calf or quadriceps muscle injury or muscle stiffness
  • Bike set-up and positioning on the bike can be explored
  • Assistance can be provided for cyclists in regard to their strength, endurance and stamina during training and competitions
  • PIHC treatment for cyclists has been endorsed by Cycling WA whereby we have established a Screening Programme for Cycling WA members

Cycling Course

  • PIHC also has its’ own cycling course which caters for the needs of ALL cyclists. We have cyclists in our training group of all ages, clinical conditions, fitness and occupations as well as levels of cycling experience – from novice to commuters who wish to learn the basic cycling skills
  • This cycling course has been endorsed by Cycling WA whom encourages its members to use this course in its weekly newsletters

More information can be found on the pihc website:

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ok its not cycling but its important... Climate Change Survey

A copy of an email from the Department of Environment and Conservation

Hi there fellow West Australian.

We are the Department of Environment and Conservation and would like to work with you to tackle climate change.

To do this we are proposing to coordinate a 2-3 month long community wide climate change initiative in late 2008 that aims to reduce household climate change emissions across the community.

To help get as many West Australians opinions as possible we would appreciate your input into this our second community survey that aims to find out what actions you are most likely to adopt in your household and how we can assist you in adopting them.

It should only require 6 minutes of your time and is located at: This survey is only being distributed by email so could you please forward it to 5 or more of your friends from as broad background and age as possible.

The first survey received nearly 2000 responses in two weeks – this time we would like to reach at least 10 000 before the survey closes on the 9th of May. To show our appreciation for your efforts we are again offering 10 double movie passes to be drawn in mid May from those who successfully complete the survey.

Thank you in advance for your help completing and distributing this survey.

Kind Regards Julian Ilich
Program Manager – 2009 ‘ACT NOW’ Climate Change Initiative(for the Office of Climate Change) Department of Environment and Conservation

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Looking for a cycling/training holiday over east?

The following is an email Caroline recieved from Cycling-Inform and thought others might be interested in. Caroline particpated in of these camps in 07.

The Cycling Camp that Your Partner will want you to Attend,

A brand new first; the RaceRight Cycling Camp - The cycling camp that yourpartner will want you to attend:

We have been planning this camp for months and are very excited to bereleasing the details. This camp is for cyclists who want to learn how to race right.

The camp date is set for the 23-25 May 2008. It will be held within one hours drive from Melbourne and based in Warburton.

The RaceRight Cycling Camp is run by coaches who are passionate about helping you optimise your performance and achieving your racing goals. The weekend camp delivers informative lectures from leading practitioners inour sport. It covers nutrition, strength training, race strategy, cyclingskills and time efficient high performance training techniques. We will teach you how to harness the power of high intensity training that will give you more time to spend with your partner or family and enable youto ease the stress between your cycling and work/life balance.

You will learn riding skills that will help you reduce the chance of you having an accident while out racing or training and give you and your partner more peace of mind.

The interactive lectures underpin actual on the road tuition to reinforceand practice the skills discussed and will be tailored to your level offitness and experience. The camp is designed to suit any club level cyclist that has an interest in understanding how to really improve upon their training and racing performance.

One such skill you will learn is the correct way to initiate a breakaway that guarantees your success almost every time. Stop wasting your energyand learn how form a breakaway group knowing that you have the highestchance of success. You'll also learn how to identify the breaks thataren't going to make it so you don't waste your time chasing them down orgoing with them.

There are strictly limited places available! To find out more about this camp use this link:

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Masters women need you!

An open letter from Fran - Women's Masters 8

Women's Cycling needs You to help make the 2008 UCI World Track Cycling Masters Championships a World class event.

It will be held from the 14th to the 19th of October at the Dunc Gray Velodrome in Sydney.
While womens cycling in Australia is growing at an elite level so is Masters (over 30). What we we need to is to get all ladies who have a Cycling Australia licence who compete in road masters, games,cyclo-sportif, triathlon, etc. to come to the World Track Cycling Championsips in Sydney in October.

You may laugh and think "I've never ridden on a track" or "I'd be too scared to do that".
Well don't be, not all events are bunch events. Two events are individual, the 500metre Time trial (2 laps of the track) and the Individual Pursuit (8 laps of the track) with one person starting on either side.

Next you may say "Well I've never ridden on a track (which are mostly 250 metres around – some outdoor tracks are larger and not so banked). In most states in Australia we have wooden indoor tracks, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide,Tasmania and Queensland.

Most of these tracks should have coaching sessions for our masters age group to to "Have a try" where you can hire a bike for that session at a very nominal cost. Here in Perth for instance we have track at Midland where there are several people who coach "womens only" groups and another on a Tuesday where you can be coached on at a beginners introductory level. I'm sure all other states have similar sessions. Ring your local Cycling Federation office to find out more.
Believe me this is an exhilarating experience, and not to be feared if you are given the right coaching.

Now back to the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) Track Cycling Masters World Championships in Sydney in October. This is a very prestigious event, that we are lucky enough to be able to hold it in Australia for 3years in 2007, 2008 & 2009.

We will be unlikely to see it being held again in Australia for a long time. We have a small population base, and competitor numbers would be higher if held else where, so we need to capitalise on this unique opportunity.

In the 2007 Womens events, competitor numbers were below the UCI regulation numbers for a lot of the events, which meant combining of age groups which was not ideal.

This year we would like every Masters Woman Cycling Australia licence holder to PLEASE consider coming to to this event to make it world class event it is, but with increased womens numbers.

1. The event is run under UCI regulation and rules.
2. As a Master who wins an event you receive a blue "Rainbow jersey", a UCI gold medal, and are able to wear the rainbow colours on all your cycling jerseys for the rest of your life. These are the most prestigious Masters track events in the world.
3. Age groups are in 5yrs. 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60+, providing there are the required numbers for each event. (6 for individual events, and 12 for scratch and points race).

• 500metre Time Trial. (2 laps of the track from a standing start out of a gate. Electronically timed)
• 2000metre Individual Pursuit (for most age groups) 8 laps of the track from a standing start out of the gates. Again electronically timed.
• Scratch Race – Distances depends on age- Mostly 5 & 10km ( 20 or 40 laps)
• Points Race- Distances again depend on age. Sprint every 10 laps to gain points. Most points wins.
• Sprint - A 200metre individual flying lap to qualify for ride offs. Series of ride off qualifiers, till the fastest two ride off for the gold and silver medal. Third and 4th ride off for bronze.

In 2007 we had some spectacular performances among our women competitors, even though we didn't have a huge amount women riders. We had women up to the age of 69, and are hoping for the 60+ women to come out of the woodwork.

Saying all this most of us were there to purely to compete because we love it. Most like myself are not spectacular, but are doing it, and we all started somewhere, so contact your local Cycling Federation office in your state and give it a go and see what a buzz it is, and please come to the 2008 Track Cycling Masters World Championships.

Lastly in 2009 we also have the World Masters 'Games' which is held in a different country every 4yrs. If you haven't heard of them it is a multi sport event (30 different sports) which will attract 25 to 30,000 people to Sydney in October 2009. Cycling will be one of the events both road and Track, and it is being held the 2 weeks before the UCI 2009 Track Masters, so you may consider both of the events. So get started this on the track this year.

Come on Masters Women We Need You!. Please become involved in Cycling Australia events. Consider going to the Australian Road and Track Championships in Sydney in April, which will prepare you for the "World Tracks" in October.
Fran Watson
Womens Masters 8

This is an open letter that I have asked the Australian Cycling Federation to send to all Masters Licence holders. It is not an official Australian Cycling Federation document.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Road Races for beginners & novices. Women only

The West Coast Masters Cycling Club would like to invite women to participate in two “Try out” road races to be held on the 20th & 27th of April. As it is a “Masters” club you need to be over 30.

The Herne Hill race to be held on the 20th will be 36kms. This is 4 laps starting at the corner of Argyle & Lefroy Rds , into Oakover rd, Campersic rd, Williams rd & finishing in Lefroy rd.

The Wandi race is a 9km circuit starting in Wandi Dve left into Lyon rd, left into de Haar rd, and finishing in Wandi Dve. This will also be 4 laps.

Nominations will be $10 taken on the day. There will 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place prizes awarded.
Lorraine Shutz and myself Fran Watson will ride with the group for 1 or 2 neutral laps, then you can“Go for it”.

Most of you will have ridden in your training groups, and your cyclo sportif events, or done tri training, so racing is not really that different. Safety is paramount, and we aim to show you that racing can be safe and good fun, and you will be riding with women only doing their first race with our club.

The West Coast Masters Club is a racing club. We road race in the winter & do criterium racing in the summer. Races are graded from A grade to D grade. We are a well organised sociable club, that boasts many world champions. We have photo finishes at the end of all races, and prize presentations follow. To be a master, men must be 35, and women 30.

All riders are insured, and we are able to offer you ladies 2 races without being a paid up member.

The insurance proviso is that you must be "new to racing” and that you have "not ridden any other races with our club”

Please come and “Have a Go”, and perhaps dispel some of the anecdotal myths that you may have heard about “racing”. It is nice short race, and it will entirely belong to you women.


-Both races start at 9am, registration starts at 8am.
-Registration for Herne Hill is at the Herne Hill primary school in Argyle Rd where we have use of their undercover area and toilets plus plenty of parking.
-Registration for Wandi are in Brooks Pl (side rd off Wandi dve). Parking is roadside, and we have mobile toilets.

Lorraine and I will help with all info on the day, plus tips about racing and safe riding. Most of you will recognise Lorraine (World Champion Time Trialer, and silver medallist in world track championships in Sydney 2007. And me…. Fran the “Old” girl of cycling. You’ll recognise me by my bright red hair.

Come and be our guest, & have some fun !!!
Email me with expressions of interest or any queries.

Happy Cycling

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A quick update

I am pleased to say that this informal blog has generated a bit of interest, which is great. Perhaps the next step is an informal coffee and ride?

I’ve just created a generic email for this blog:
- So people can make non public comments
- So people can ask questions about cycling
- So we can share the load of keeping this blog up to date and responding to emails etc

Please email chickscyclingwa (at) if you are willing to help out and let us know how you would like to contribute. It would also be helpfull if those who have already been in email contact about this topic to re email chickscyclingwa (at) that way this email's address book will have you in it!

Tour de Perth is on this weekend and I’ll endeavour to put up a bit of a women’s race report early next week. If you are not racing its worth a look. More info at just head to the cycle village and take it from there.

Happy riding/ racing in the rain this weekend!


Thursday, March 6, 2008

A two wheeled strategy to promote women's cycling in WA

On Wednesday 5 March 2008 a group of WA women cyclists gathered to discuss ways in which road racing in WA could be improved. The outcomes of this evening have been formulated into a draft strategy.

We are seeking feedback on this draft strategy through out March please post a comment in response to this blog or if you’d prefer contact Cycling WA direct or call 08 9328 3422. Once we have finalised this strategy we will then be calling for volunteers to make it happen.

The two wheeled strategy

The rear wheel: generate interest and support for new women to participate in road racing
The front wheel: improve the current experience of road racing in WA for women

The rear wheel: generate interest and support for new women to participate in road racing

The greatest barrier to participation is the current low numbers of women participating in racing despite many women riding. To drive the sport forward it will be critically important to generate interest and support participation.

Action 1) Women’s specific come and try day

Description: A free or cheap event for women that includes
-skills session
-exhibition race
-participation race
-information stalls
-goodies and information pack
-options for progression

When: Annually

Who: Hosted by a club, coordinated by a lead volunteer, supported by the CWA

Action 2) 4-6 week skills course

Description: A course designed to teach basic road racing skills and build confidence. The come and try day will be a key feeder for this course.

When: Annually

Who: Coordinated by a lead volunteer, run by a qualified coaches and assistants, supported by CWA

Action 3) A women’s focused event or series of events

Description: An event that is specifically designed to give women a positive first race experience. The come and try day and multi week skills course will be a key feeders for this event
When: Annually
Who: Hosted by a club, coordinated by a lead volunteer, supported by the CWA

The front wheel: improve the current experience of road racing in WA for women

Once an interest has been generated it will be important to ensure that there are races for women to progress on to and enjoy participating in.

Action 1) Best practice checklist for clubs hosting events

Description: Develop a checklist for clubs to help them ensure that their event is friendly to women and supports other new comers to the sport. The checklist should cover:
-Course selection
-Welcoming of newcomers

When: By December 2008

Who: Coordinated by a lead volunteer, lead by a club, to be endorsed by the Race Management Committee and supported by CWA

Action 2) Publish race reports by women on CWA website

Description: Encourage women to write race reports for publishing on the CWA website to promote a culture of sharing the race experience.

When: Ongoing

Who: Individuals who participated in the March 2008 forum to set an example and encourage others to also do so.

Notes 5 March 2008 Women’s Forum

Notes from the 5 March 2008 Women’s Forum, with a few additional comments given by email added

Things we can do to make a difference
- Use professional event organisers to run events
- Develop a course as a funnel to events
- Have a go on your huffy events
- Easier race courses for entry level
- Offer a mix of mixed and women’s only races
- Educate on how to race
- Offer more C, D, E grade racing especially at club level
- Develop a buddy system for new comers
- Consider rotating volunteers
- Do a come and try day including: Food; Practical skills including how to ride, race and basic maintenance; Goodies bag including basic information on riding; Stalls; Lead on events; Exhibition race; Participation race; Offer discounted race licence
- Publish race reports
- Improve CWA website content
- Run an event after the tri season ends to capture that market (End May)
- Find out what other states are doing
- Offer bike maintenance sessions
- Coffee Crits
- Offer Women’s clinics in regional areas

Things we like about road racing in WA
- The women’s Tour de Zig Zag that was held a couple of years ago
- Cyclosportif because it’s a mix of abilities and sexes and has a group/team environment
- Raffles, that way anyone has the opportunity to ‘win’
- Race reports as they help you get the feel of racing without necessarily racing

Things we don’t like about road racing in WA
- No one to organize women’s racing
- Poor recognition of women in race presentations
- All women race together which is hard/ discouraging for the non elite
- No in-between races
- Race organisers don’t provide enough information about the race such as course maps
- Old boys club
- Difficult to do a ‘Personal Best’ in road races
- Women’s racing can be unfriendly
- Lack of safe ad non-competitive environments to have a go
- Do clubs actually want more women racing?

What we’ve already tried
- Tour de Zig Zag- women’s focused race that fell over due to lack of volunteers

Who ?
- CWA: leader, facilitator, supporter
- Clubs: Especially ATTA and NDCC who already endeavour to promote/encourage women's cycling
- Individuals: willing to volunteer
- Sponsors