Thursday, March 25, 2010

Women's Track Training Nights

To all of you aspiring Track riders, but have never been game enough to try, come along to some of the Women only nights over the coming months. The first one is this coming Friday - 26th March from 6-8:30pm. The evenings are run by Bob Barnes and myself. If you have clipless pedals, bring pedals, shoes and helmet, otherwise just bring shoes that you can ride in with toe clips(runners are not the best) and your helmet.

As well as simply getting you onto the Track, over the coming sessions we explain the various races and you get a chance to race modified versions of them amongst the group.

The current dates are on the Track Cycling web page, so rather than publish them here, in case they change, follow the link to check the dates:Track Cycling

If you have any queries you may contact Bob on

I know the Blog has been pretty dormant the past few months, but if you have anything you would like discussed or commented on, feel free to drop a line. There are numerous avenues these days where information may be found, so we may ultimately drop this if no interest.